Autism Friendly Spaces, Inc. (AFS) is a New York based not-for-profit corporation.
Our Mission is to unlock minds and transform spaces to welcome the full participation of the autism community.



    I wanted to thank you personally for such an
    amazing day!  


    …I thank you, for allowing us to enjoy an afternoon at the theater, just like the other people do.


    Yesterday brought tears to my eyes. I felt finally like I wasn’t alone.  


    Although you know there are others that suffer from the same thoughts and experiences, it is quite extraordinary to be in a room full of people in the same shoes.  


    Today is a day of no apologies sweetheart... Somehow it summed up the day and it was so comforting.


    Keep up the amazing work! You are touching the lives of so many.


    The opportunity for me to experience the theatre with my son in an accepting an understanding environment I believe was a life changing experience for him and for my family.


    I applaud your effort in making theatre accessible to our children and allowing parents to just let their children be who they are.


    What I was delightfully surprised with was just how well organized, thoughtful, competent and integrated were all of the support services. The staff and volunteers could not have been better.


    Clearly an immense amount of thoughtful planning and meticulous execution was put into this event by some truly remarkable people…
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