Jean-Claude Baker

“Your Table is Ready” Autism Friendly Brunch

Jean-Claude Baker and Autism Friendly Spaces have partnered to create the first ever Autism Friendly Brunch at one of New York’s most iconic restaurants, Chez Josephine, on Sunday, April 15, 2012, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, offering a special prix fixe menu, designed by Jean-Claude himself. The cost for this special brunch is $19.25, as a tribute to the year Josephine Baker took Paris by storm in “La Revue Negre,” and each party will receive a personalized menu, complete with names and photos, to take home as a keepsake.

The brunch, which coincides with the recognition of April’s International Autism Awareness Month, welcomes people with autism and their families into a judgment-free environment. Under the guidance of our autism experts, Chez Josephine will be transformed to make it accessible and comfortable for families with individuals with autism, while still maintaining its unique atmosphere. In addition, Chez Josephine staff will receive special training for the event, and autism consultants, calming corners and visual supports will also be available.

“Devin, my three-year-old godson, his mother and I were very fortunate to attend the milestone performance of The Lion King,” said Mr. Baker. “For the first time, we weren’t isolated, but felt part of a big family united by loved ones affected by autism. Devin, my little prince, was mesmerized by the performance – a new door in his life had just opened, and I want every door to welcome him and his brothers and sisters of the autistic world.”

Mr. Baker, one of famed entertainer Josephine Baker’s adopted children, better known as the Rainbow Tribe, added, “Among my siblings in the Rainbow Tribe, Josephine Baker’s utopic dream of universal brotherhood, two of my brothers were children with special needs, and an unprepared world greeted them in the 1970’s. Step-by-step, door-by-door, I would like the whole world to embrace our brothers and sisters, their families and loved ones in their struggle to live fulfilling lives despite their autism.”

We hope this inaugural brunch will be the first of many New York restaurants to open their doors and create a future of autism friendly community spaces! Due to limited space, reservations are required. Please call: (212) 594-1925 to reserve your table and download our Going to the Restaurant Social Narrative created for the event.