Many AFS clients offer performances, exhibits, installations and other happenings for which they need assistance from AFS. Perhaps the event is recurring, but it not by nature autism friendly. Often the client will want to offer a modified version that IS autism friendly. Or perhaps certain activities that occur within an autism friendly space need to be managed in specific ways so as to maintain that designation.

In addition to ensuring that the space itself is autism friendly, and that the people operating in that space are suitably trained for the ASD community, AFS makes sure that the activities a client undertakes in its space also meet autism friendly requirements. AFS will manage every detail if necessary, including providing staff for the event. Alternatively, AFS will provide event-specific training and support materials to the client’s staff. 

“I was so incredibly impressed at the execution of this event – from the social stories, to the friendly, accessible, and understanding volunteers, to the fidget toys and visual schedules, to the quiet areas and TV monitors streaming the live performance – you had, quite literally, EVERYTHING covered.”M. Montanez

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